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Monday Morning Motivation: “Become Today who you plan to be tomorrow” – Chasing Failure Bible Plan

At the beginning of this month, I adopted the mantra #IFinish. Since then, I’ve realized that making the decision and delivering with integrity requires the same two thing God commanded Joshua to have in Joshua 1 – Strength and Courage. Why? It’s easy to commit when you’re in the moment, you’re feeling great, the storms break and you can see the sun again. Anyone ever notice that the moment you make a commitment, life has a way of testing just how strong your conviction is?

That’s the difference between success and failure. Successful people have built their mental toughness. Storms are expected. Obstacles are anticipated. Rejection is welcomed. Successful people have learned that every no will get them closer to the yes they need. If it takes ten ‘no’ responses to get to the one ‘yes’ that’s needed, they’re willing to go through it because they understand that success is worth it. Or as the awesome and very successful Columbus Pollard put it, “Please tell me no.”

That’s why many people don’t ever reach the success they say they want. They lack mental toughness and perseverance. Storms are unexpected and therefore wreck momentum. Obstacles become moments for pity parties instead of elevation. Rejection is feared, and the fear paralyzes progress. Unsuccessful lack the mindset and the dedication to success that’s needed to actually achieve it.

Why can’t you be an author? Many people have written New York Times best sellers – why NOT you?

Why can’t you get your Ph.D? Many people have walked across the stage as Doctors of their fields – why NOT you?

Why can’t you be an artist? Many people have made a living creating masterpieces and sharing their gift with the world – why NOT you?

Why can't you be financially independent? Many people from all walks of life are able to live without stressing about money issues, giving freely to those in need while living their lives - why NOT you?

How many no’s are you willing to go through to get to the yes that will change your life? How many storms are you willing to weather to reach the promised land?

Do you really believe that God is so short sighted in His planning that He would give you a vision of success without giving you the provision for it? Do you think God is so flawed that He would give you the goals and dreams that’s embedded inside and somehow make a mistake? In the word’s of Cris Carter, “Come On, Man!”

It takes Strength to persevere and keep moving forward. It takes courage to trust God enough to be obedient despite how it may make you look or feel. I've gotten a lot of No's on my mission to help families build financial gameplans to create legacy wealth; but it's the yes answers that fuel me. One of the things I put on my #IFinish list was to finally finish the Shook Ones Challenge video I’ve been “working” on for months. I don’t want to be the late guy to the party. I have a ton of reasons why I shouldn’t do it. But I have one reason why I should – I’ve been commanded to spread Hope and Life, and to do that, I have potential to reach and gifts I’ve been given to USE. So it may be late on our time, but I’m trusting that on God’s time it’s right where it should be.

Be Strong this week. Be Courageous this week. Work on your mindset by changing what you allow in. And continue to Cling to Hope, Live your Life, and Unlock your Potential.

#MMM #HaveAGreatWeek #SelfDevelopment #Joshua1 #StrengthAndCourage


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