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Your phone rings. The number says Unavailable, but something in you begs you to answer it anyway. It's the third time in the past five minutes, and there's an uneasiness inside of you. Your stomach tightens as you answer, but you have no idea why this nervousness is gripping you so tightly. Your eyes widen as you hear the muffled screams of the person closest to you in the background.

A chilling voice comes over the phone - one you've only heard in the worst of your nightmares. "We have a hostage", they drone menacingly, "and they very much want to see you. Unfortunately...I don't think they're going to make it home."

Your mind races. Who is this? What do they want? Why me? What are my options? You can feel the quickened beat of your heart in your throat. You can't swallow - your mouth as gone bone dry. "That is unless," the voice starts after a long pause. "Unless you show me you're a person of your word."

"What?" you whimper, confused and shaking. The voice laughs. "I've been watching you. Day after day, year after year, you walk through life. You set goals, resolutions, but never live them. You talk about visions of success, but you never do anything to achieve them. You're a fake. A Liar. I want you to show mw I'm wrong. You want your loved one to live? Show me you are who you say you are. You have 24 hours."


One day. One day to start that business you said you were going to start 4 years ago. One day to build that website you've been putting off for months. One day to start writing that book that's been sitting on your computer untouched for weeks. One day to finish that album you abandoned eons ago. A life depended on it. What would you do?

Pause. Let me ask you something - did you instantly see yourself doing everything humanly possible to succeed? Did you even see yourself beating the clock with only a few seconds left like they do on television? Did you see yourself reaching out desperately to the people you knew would lead you to success and clawing - fighting - to save the life of your spouse/child/sibling/parent/loved one?

Most importantly, did you know exactly what you had to do to succeed?

Welcome to the conundrum of human nature. As Weldon Long described it, it's "knowing exactly what you need to do but not doing it on a consistent basis". Can you imagine what your dream would look like if you worked everyday as if you had only 24 hours to succeed? Can you imagine the strides you'd take if you desperately assembled the people around you that would help you reach your goals as if you had zero time for those who would waste yours?

Phil 4:13 says that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". It's a verse most people know, but that I personally need a reminder of of a regular basis. When God gives you a dream, He never seems to give it to you based on your current situation, does He? It always requires you to get uncomfortable, right? It stretches you a bit? Good.

What, did you think success would be easy?

I want to challenge you today. Really, I'm passing on a challenge (shout out to David Morris for the AWESOME conversations yesterday; I'm actually borrowing all of this from him). When you're at your absolute best - when you're doing what you love to the fullest of your abilities, when you're running full speed towards your dreams - what are five characteristics that describe you? Write them down. Once you do, I challenge you to be the best version of you possible for 24 hours. Tell me how it feels (really, let me know. I'd love to hear back from you). Then, if you like how it felt, do it again tomorrow.

While no one has your loved ones hostage (prayerfully), someone is holding your success and your dreams hostage - you. So, you have 24 hours to succeed. To be the person you say you want to be. To be the best of what you have to offer. To sell out to giving your absolute best. The lives of your love ones depends on it.

~ H

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