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Being a dad has a way of reminding you about vision.

The first time my son started singing the lyrics to one of my songs while I drove him and his little brother to daycare was bittersweet. It was great that he could recognize daddy on the radio (we keep a constant stream of Gospel Hip-Hop rolling - outside of myself, his favorite rappers are Gemstones and Swoope), it was sobering to realize he was singing a song I had never released.

I've been subscribing to the thought that "You must become today the person you want to be tomorrow." At my core, I want to be a inspiration. I want to motivate people to find the best in themselves while I do the same with the man in the mirror. I want to nurture and push as much hope as possible. And I want to leave my mark on this world.

I've been blessed to be around an entire group of people all working to better themselves and reach their goals. It's infectious. It's challenging. It's humbling. And it's exactly what I needed to help me add action to the thoughts and ideas. I've found some awesome motivation resources online and in books that have been reshaping my mindset. In all of it, I've come to this conclusion - small, consistent steps lead to breakthroughs. You don't need to have the entire journey mapped out to start stepping, especially when walking in faith. To become the person today that you want to be tomorrow, you're instantly operating in a paradigm that isn't 100% you....yet. It will be - you just have to consistently walk towards it.

My prayer is that in all of this I'm consistent and transparent. I pray that I'm obedient in the message. I pray that I never lose sight of the vision, and that I always operate in integrity. That's the person I want to be, on top of being a great dad and awesome husband.

Who do you want to be? You're still dreaming big, right?

~ H

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