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You know you deserve to be AWESOME, right?

It's always interesting to me how much opportunity and creativity resemble each other. Both come and go as they please. Both have massive growth potential. Both come in many different shapes, sizes, and types. That being said, the biggest resemblance I noticed today is that they both can be grown, nurtured and cultivated.

Basically, if you want to be creative or if you want better opportunities, you can make that happen if you make a decision to try, and ACTUALLY try.

There are a VAST amount of quotes and sayings that can tie into this. A couple of my of favorites are "Average people have great ideas. Legends have great execution" by Eric Thomas (I'll probably end up making a poem about that later. Correction - I will end up making a poem about that later. The seeds of the idea are already sprouting) and "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" by Wayne Gretzky (Just found out Gretzky was the author, so I now have a better appreciation for Hockey). But with both of those, there is an underlying "soft skill" as told by Thomas Frank of


Maybe, like me, you heard of and believe that God doesn't give you a vision without providing provision.

Maybe, like me, you believe that a better life or success is out there and can be reached.

Maybe, like me, you've been doing your best Pinky and the Brain impersonation for the last few years and the world still hasn't been taken over....yet.

If that's all true, then maybe, like me, the reason you're still in the spot you're trying to get out of and not where you KNOW in your heart you should and COULD be in is... don't believe that you can do it. don't believe that you deserve it. don't know what those you love and those around you will say about you.'re terrified of just how AWESOME you can be when you give it 120% everyday.'re struggling being the best of yourself because you struggle with loving you.

So, what happens next? You identify with something I've said. Maybe what I said helped you to find your own reason as to why you're not where you're supposed to be and why you're mortified to even moving towards it. How do you break the cycle that begins with a lack of confidence?

You do it.

Expecting a rocket science-y algorithm? Sorry, I haven't gotten higher than a B in any Science since Mrs. Parricoe in Middle School.

The simple truth is practice/action builds confidence. You're going to have to get started to gain confidence in the area you need it in. So strap on that parachute and jump off that cliff with a running start!

----------------------------------THUMBS UP IF YOU'RE STILL READING. YOU ROCK. ---------------------------

But what kind of awe-inspiring, motivator of legends would I be if I didn't arm you with a few tools? (By the way, that's only true because of you, so go out there and BE a Legend!!!)

Tool 1 - Parachute:

How to Be More Confident Than Anyone You Know: 5 Effective Tips (by Thomas Frank)

This was my biggest inspiration into this blog post. Thomas Frank is awesome. Since confidence starts with how you think about you, my suggestion is that you start working on your mindset. A subscription to Thomas Franks' channel can help

Tool 2 - Helmet (equipped with Helmet Cam):

Ted Talk: What I learned from 100 days of rejection (by Jia Jiang)

This video started today's journey. Let's face it - rejection can be so scary for some of it that it paralyzes action. It helps to here about the experiences of a guy who decided to actively chase rejection for 100 days straight to overcome his fear. The cool thing? He recorded himself during his interactions, and you can see them all on his Youtube channel.

Tool 3: Mental Focus:

Be awesome on purpose. And with big, chunky gobs of confidence.

~ H

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